Solihull Schools’ Cross-Country Awards Evening - Wednesday 30th April 2014

30 March 2014

The annual cross-country awards will be presented by the Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Joe Tildesley. The venue is Smith’s Wood Sports College.

Start time 7.00pm
Finish time 8.30pm

  • Date:

    Wednesday 30th April 2014 at Smith’s Wood Sports College, 7.00pm to 8.30pm (Ceremony will start at precisely 7.00pm!)

  • Venue:

    Smith’s Wood Sports College
    Windward Way
    Smith’s Wood
    B36 0UE

  • Instructions:

    Below is the list of runners and athletes who are invited to attend the Solihull Cross-Country Awards Ceremony, starting at 7.00pm. The Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Joe Tildesley, will present the awards. Smart dress (school uniform) is appropriate.

    Congratulations to the named pupils and students. Guests are welcome.

    Invitation criteria:
    Overall top three individual runners across the four Solihull league races.
    Members of the first three teams at the ‘Albutt Relays’.
    Competing at the English Schools’ XC Championships, representing West Midlands.
    3+ years continuous attendance at Solihull league races.
    Selected representatives from the top three Solihull league teams.

    Please confirm attendance by emailing me on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or through the ‘contact’ facility on this website. Many thanks.

    Richard McIlwraith
    Secretary Solihull Secondary Schools’ Athletics Association. Director of PE, Sport & Community, Smith’s Wood Sports College.

    Jenny Albutt, Louie Boot, Kelton Aldridge

    Jack Reidy, Hallam Cox, Josh McCabe, Evie Cyprus, Rosie Breslin, Emma Crampton, Elvie Cox, Lottie Curtis, Mary Takwoingi, Zara Barton, Josh Mort, Tom Parkin, Abigail Nolan, Katie Mladenovic, Zack Nolan

    Karys Amory

    Heart of England:
    Bethan Hinett, Tania JV Rensburg, Seb Jones, Alex Smith, Ethan Barnes, Matthew Crisp, Danel JV Rensburg, Piers Bolton, Sam Hiskett, Jeremy Barnes, Sarah Didcott, Sam Dandy, Robert Scarrott, George Semple, Cleo Murphy-Hogg, Rachel Mayhew, Olivia Lowe, Sophie Bolton, Lydia Turner, Matt Jones, Sarah Warwood

    Sian Evans, Andrew Mackey, Carianne Robertson, Frances Austin, Alex Richmond

    St Martin’s:
    Imogen Onions, Evie Townend, Alex Newbery, Stephanie Beaumont, Jessica Slevin, Holly Allwood, Lily Chandler-Hussain, Mia Mahoney

    St Peter’s:
    Liam Reilly, Joseph Reilly, Joshua Mussell, Niamh Comerford, Keelan Hopewell, Jamie Chapman, Jack Wilson, Grace Dowse, Ryan Reilly, Matt Corr, Antonio Vinti

    Solihull School:
    Lydia Roll, Jack Talbot, Fergus Roll, Daniel Gaffney, Charlotte Rigg, Libby Shepherd, Alyssa Morrison, Ella Stirling, Lucy Gerrard, Phoebe Harland, Maeliss Villepontoux, Leticia Salmon

    Smith’s Wood:
    Bradley Stokes, Luke Burns, Ashley Hollingsworth

  • Contacts:

    • Please confirm attendance by emailing me: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or using contact facility on this website.