Solihull Athletics & Cross-Country Awards Ceremony - on 26th April 2010 at Lode Heath Sports College

03 October 2009

  • Date:

    Monday April 26th 2010 - 7.00pm to 8.30pm - Lode Heath School & Sports College

  • Venue:

    Lode Heath Sports College - 7.00pm to 8.30pm - Monday April 26th 2010

  • Instructions:

    Below is the list of runners and athletes who are invited to attend the Solihull Cross Country & Athletics Awards Ceremony, starting at 7.00pm. The Mayor and Mayoress of Solihull will present the awards. Smart dress, for example school uniform, is appropriate.

    Congratulations to the named pupils and students. Guests are welcome.

    Please confirm attendance on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or through the ‘contact’ facility on this website. Many thanks.
    Richard McIlwraith
    Secretary Solihull Secondary Schools’ Athletics Association. Director of Sport, Smith’s Wood Sports College.

    Year 7 Girls
    Solihull School - Adina Bailey, Shonah Eaton, Georgina Jones
    Arden - Simran Kaur, Emily Knowles, Lydia Routledge
    Heart of England - Amy Bennett, Sophie Cook, Olivia Latchford
    St Peter’s - Shannon Fox
    Tudor Grange - Rachel Davis

    Year 7 Boys
    Heart of England - Ben Crannage, Seb Jones, Alex Smith
    Smith’s Wood - Luke Burns, Ashley Hollingsworth, Bradley Stokes
    Tudor Grange - Harry Biddle, Matt Deacon, James Lee
    Alderbrook - Joe Fletcher
    Arden - Peter Routledge

    Year 8/9 Girls
    St Martin’s - Megan Blake, Amy Moone, Alexandra Newbery, Jessica Whitehouse-Lowe
    St Peter’s - Abigail Smith, Amelia Thompson, Michelle Todd, Aoife Mannion
    Tudor Grange - Ellie Berwick, Lydia Cross, Siobhan Taylor
    Arden - Meredith Cox, Lexie Mladenovic, Olivia Redington
    Heart of England - Hannah Shields

    Year 8/9 Boys
    Arden - Mike Breslin, Daniel Mladenovic, Craig Roberts, Jamie Cooper
    St Peter’s - Eoin Corr, Will Gilmore, George O’Hanlon
    Alderbrook - Matt Hinton, James Lovell, Alec Ranford
    Langley - Matthew Austin, Shaun Goggin
    Heart of England - Jeremy Barnes
    Smith’s Wood - Kasey Woodstock

    Year 10/11 Girls
    St Martin’s - Emily Blake, Charlotte Ray, Michelle Turner
    CTC - Michelle Anderson, Laura Clarke, Katy Warren
    Tudor Grange - Sadie Hambly, Charlotte Leaper, Colleen Mapp
    Arden - Katie Stainton
    St Peter’s - Laura Smith
    Heart of England - Bryony Bowman

    Year 10/11 Boys
    Lyndon - Ryan Nimmons, Dane Reid, Miles Reid, Josh Fullard
    Arden - Stu Grant, Rob Hotchkiss, Daniel Rebeiro
    St Peter’s - Michael Bennett, Ciaran Dunnion, Alex Teagle
    Heart of England - Tom Weston

    Arden - Vicky Bodington, James Gibney, Chris Pickering, Lucy Routledge
    St Martin’s - Audrey Jardon, Rebeca Prichard

    This year, awards for Solihull athletes who made a significant contribution to the Solihull athletics success at the County Championships (June 2009) will be presented alongside awards for cross-country runners.

    Junior Boys (June 2009)
    Nicholas Finnegan, Tyrell Kelly, Alex Hurley, Daniel Younan, Thomas King, Rowan May, Jonathan Onyeaka, Oliver Griffin, James Hornigold, Jack Hewson

    Inter Boys (June 2009)
    Tom Graves, Dylan Orumwense, Elijah Burke, Sean Clarke, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Lewis Grinsell, Remy-Jae Hepburn

    Senior Boys (June 2009)
    Gabriel Gennuso, Alex Currie, Lewis Albutt, Richard Bowman, Jonathan Simpkins, Ed Stiles, Richard Curl, Kevin Rawlings, Richard Taylor

    Junior Girls (June 2009)
    Katie Stainton, Madelaine Smith, Molly Eales, Danielle Hodkinson, Rebecca Bonder

    Inter Girls (June 2009)
    Sadie Hambly, Lucy Routledge, Jenny Ward, Andrea Lewis Jones, Sophie Rayner, Connie James, Grace Talbot

    Senior Girls (June 2009)
    Elizabeth Parry, Emma Spragg, Laura Keeley, Kate Whiston

  • Contacts:

    • Please confirm attendance on (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or through the ‘contact’ facility on this website. Many thanks.