Langley School League Race details

06 October 2012

Thanks are extended to Langley School for setting up and marshalling this race held at Langley School.

  • Date:

    Tuesday 9th October 2012

  • Venue:

    Langley School
    Kineton Green Road
    B92 7ER

  • Instructions:

    There is limited parking at Langley School.
    Coaches are to park in the playground area in front of the school, or to drop off on the road outside school if they are not staying.
    Changing facilities and toilets are limited so it is advised that athletes arrive already changed.
    The course is suitable for athletes to wear spikes.
    The course will be marshalled and every effort will be made to keep the course and field tidy.
    4.30pm - Year 7 Girls - 1 short, 1 long lap - 1025m
    4.40pm - Year 7 Boys - 1 short, 2 long laps - 1780m
    4.50pm - Year 8/9 Girls - 1 short, 2 long laps - 1780m
    5.00pm - Year 8/9 Boys - 3 long laps - 2265m
    5.10pm - Year 10/11/Senior Girls - 3 long laps - 2265m
    5.15pm - Year 10/11/Senior Boys - 4 long laps - approx 3000m

  • Contacts:

    • Teachers in charge of cross-country at the participating schools should be able to answer most questions you may have.