Change of date for Light Hall league race

08 January 2013

The course at Light Hall is run predominantly on grass. Please select appropriate footwear based on weather conditions.

  • Date:

    New date - Thursday 14th March 2013

  • Venue:

    Light Hall School - B90 2PZ

  • Instructions:

    Unfortunately, owing to construction work combining with a parents evening, Light Hall are now unable to host the next league race (scheduled for 28th February). They will not have capacity for the additional parking the cross-country race will bring.

    This race will move to Thursday 14th March. Many apologies for the change, but it is unavoidable.

    The cross-country dates are now:

    - Tuesday 5th March 2013 - ‘Albutt’ championship relays at Arden
    - Thursday 14th March - league race 3 at Light Hall
    - Thursday 21st March 2013 - league race 4 at Smith’s Wood
    - Wednesday 17th April 2013 - Cross-Country Awards Evening at Smith’s Wood

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